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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Testimonial Tuesday - Tyler and Summer

I hate to toot my own horn, but I love it when I get reviews from people I work with. So I'm starting a new thing where I will feature a testimonial from one of my clients every Tuesday. Hence the name: Testimonial Tuesday.
First up are Tyler and Summer.
Now granted, Tyler is my nephew (isn't that crazy?) so you would think that I just take their pictures all the time, but that is not so.
My husband comes from a large family where photographers are a plenty. Tyler and Summer didn't always ask me to take their family pictures, but I didn't want to force myself on them either. (I secretly think they were letting everyone take turns haha) So when they finally asked me, I was elated!
And who wouldn't be? They are a darling couple! And now they have this sweet adorable baby! I was so excited! And plus we hang out with them regularly so my husband was pretty thrilled that he got to come along on this shoot, so that we could go to dinner after :)
Here is a review from Summer:

Tia is such a great photographer! She was great to work with and made us feel so comfortable. She had great pose ideas and was happy to work with the poses ideas that I had. She has a great eye and knows how to capture beautiful light. And she did great keeping the attention of our 3 month old:) Super happy with our pictures!

Ah! I love them!

You Can see the rest of their session here

Friday, August 15, 2014

Abbey Kyhl Evolving Workshop Review

I just returned from Abbey's Evolving workshop and it did so much for me. It not only inspired me for my business but also for my family life. Abbey started the workshop out saying that the reason we do business is for the people we love. For me,the people I do it for is my amazing husband and my two adorable little boys.
She covered so many areas: posing, work flow, systems, marketing, specializing, family time, time organization, EVERYTHING.
I am confident that I can make my business a blessing for my family instead of a burden. One thing she said is “get your crap together and your business will explode!” And I honestly, truly believe that. I didn't realize how scattered my business was until she showed me how put together I can be! I can make it easier for me, I can make it easier for my clients, I can make it easier on my family, the list just goes on and on!
I got emotional when she would talk about her family. I could just tell how much they meant to her. My family means that much to me, but I'm not showing them how much they mean to me by putting my business before them multiple times a week. I was only away from my little boys for two days. That's not very long, but when I called my little boy Trey to tell him I was coming home, I just about broke into tears when he said, “Mom, I want you” in his little two-year-old voice.
He wants me. Of course he meant that we wanted me in the moment, but it meant so much more to me. He wants me to play with him. He wants me to teach him his ABC's. He wants me to go to the park with him. He wants me to be his mom. And I want to give him all of that! I can give him all of that and the materialistic things I want to give him by getting my crap together.
I have a two year plan. I will continue to mold it until I am at a place where I am blissfully happy with life, business, and family.

Abbey put together a wonderful styled session. She picked out the most amazing vendors for all the little details of the night. She had a few of her past brides come and model and you could tell how good of a relationship they had with her. They were all beautiful and I had such a good time talking to the other photographers there and definitely making some lasting connections! Now I can leave you with some wonderful pictures from that night!
Stay tuned as I am now going to be making changes in my business to make it an amazing experience for you!

The Amazing woman who put this all together:
Abbey Kyhl:

The amazing vendors:
Thanksgiving Point
Jacki Miller Photo & Design
Alex Crabtree Hair and Makeup
Something Vintage Something Blue
Mark Keysor Videography
Sugar Patch Cakes