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Monday, October 21, 2013

DIY photo backdrop for $3

I've had a few people ask about the backdrop that I made for some pictures that I took. Here is the tutorial.

First find 3 (or more if you wish) colored tablecloths from the dollar store. (or walmart).
Don't unfold them all the way! We want to make sure that we leave only 4 layers at the top. You might have to fold some of it over so you can cut it.

 Next we're going to cut it into strips. You can do however many you want. I did 8 strips (with it folded) but I also think that 6 would be good too and give you a bigger, fuller look.

 After cutting all your tablecloths the same way you need to hang them up. Not too high because you'll need to reach the top and if you do it too high your arms WILL get tired.
(sorry if this picture throws you off a little bit but it's a mirror we are trying to hide with the backdrop)

Layer your tablecloths over each other.
You will have some (I had 3) streams that are double. You will need to cut these because when you cut your tablecloths originally they were folded over. You will be able to tell these apart from the others because they will be thicker. Just slide your scissors right up the crease.

 Next start loosly braiding your strands. This is just a super quick loose braid. Then tie a not at the end. If someone is helping you and starting at the other end, I suggest leaving your not super loose then after going through and tightening them so they are at the same level.

Once you've got all that done, hang it up and fluff/tweak the streams to however you want them.  We ended up putting a white tablecloth behind ours just to block our mirror entirely. Hope this isn't too confusing and you have a great turnout on your backdrops!

The color combinations are endless! Leave a link to your backdrop so we can share color combos!

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