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Monday, April 27, 2015

Kristen - Class of 2015 - Southern Utah Senior Photographer

It seemed like the wind was against me the past couple of weeks! Almost EVERY day it was so darn windy that we almost cancelled! But Kristen is super busy and we just trudged on and said that if the pictures didn't turn out the way we wanted, then we'd reschedule. I'm so glad that we braved the wind and got all of these beautiful pictures! The wind ended up dying down a little bit towards the end!
One thing that I love about Kristen is that she is confident in who she is! And to top that off, she is just naturally beautiful! She was totally real at her session, we had a good time laughing and getting to know each other. I can definitely see myself being her friend if we were in high school at the same time!!
Thanks for the great session Kristen!!
(ps. I LOVE the location that we went to! It's this super cute place called Ali's Organics and the lady there sells vegetables and all kinds of things that are totally organic!! And it's just freaking beautiful!!)

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